250 Pretty Arabic Girl Names and Meanings | Pampers (2024)

If you’re one of the more than 400 million Arabic speakers in the world—or if your heritage hails from an Arabic-speaking country—perhaps you’re looking for a beautiful Arabic baby girl name for your new arrival. Or maybe you’re looking for Muslim girl names, which are frequently Arabic in origin. To get the inspiration going, we’ve pieced together an extensive list of 250 popular, rare, unique, common, pretty, cute, and more Arabic girl names. Happy naming!

Popular Arabic Girl Names

You’ll find several Arabic and Muslim girl names at the top of the popularity charts. Perhaps you didn’t even know that a few of these trendy monikers had Arabic origins. If you’re looking for popular names, check out the 10 listed below, which are some of the trendiest Arabic girl names in the United States.

1. Nora. As the most popular Arabic girls’ name in the United States in recent years, Nora is also a commonly used moniker in many other countries. As a Muslim girls’ name, it’s typically spelled Noora, but other alternative spellings include Nura and Norah. It’s the feminine form of Nur, which means “light” in Arabic. 2. Hannah. Another popular Arabic girls’ name that you’ll also find in many countries, Hannah comes from the Hebrew name Channah, which means “favor, grace.”3. Sara. Not only is Sara a popular Muslim girls’ name, but it’s also one of the most popular names across the world. In Arabic, it’s also spelled Sarah, and the name originates from a Hebrew word that means “lady” or “princess.” It’s the perfect name for your little Arabian princess!4. Leila. Leila is a variant spelling of the popular Arabic and Muslim girl name Layla, but you can also spell it Laila. It means “night” in Arabic and is one of the more common Middle Eastern female names.5. Aaliyah. If you’re looking for Islamic baby girl names from the Qur'an, Aaliyah is a very popular option. Keep in mind that spellings can vary; this name is also commonly spelled Alia, Aliyah, and Aliyya. It means “exalted,” “high,” or “sublime,” and you may associate the name with the late singer Aaliyah.6. Amira. Also spelled Amirah as a Muslim girls’ name, Amira is a beautiful Islamic name that is the feminine form of Amir. Since Amir means “prince,” Amira is another Arabian princess name!7. Mariam. It’s no surprise that Mariam is a popular Arabic girl name, since it’s a form of Mary. The name Mary is thought to mean “beloved” or “love,” but in Iran, its variant Maryam is the name for the tuberose flower, which comes from the Virgin Mary.8. Fatima. Pronounced FA-tee-mah, Fatima is another Islamic girl name from the Qur'an, as Fatimah (Arabic spelling) was the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. The name means “to abstain.”9. Nadia. Variant spellings of this Arabic name include Nadiyya and Nadya, and all have a beautiful meaning for your little girl. Nadia means “tender, delicate.”10. Yara. As a popular and beautiful Arabic girl name, Yara comes from Persian and means “friend, helper.”


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Rare and Unique Arabic Girl Names

There’s no shortage of uncommon and rare Arabic girl names. If you’re looking for a name that’s as unique as your baby, you might consider the following:11. Abla. With its unique spelling of Abla, this rare name has the simple meaning of “full-figured”—but its story is even more interesting. In the seventh century, the famous Arabic poet Antara dedicated the majority of his poetry to a mysterious woman named Abla. 12. Fayruz. Unique and rare, this Arabic girl name has Persian origins and means “turquoise,” as in the gemstone. As a Muslim girls’ name, the spelling Fayrooz is more common; another variant is Fairuz.13. Husniya. As the feminine form of Husni, the name Husniya means “beauty,” “excellence,” and “goodness.” It’s pronounced HOOS-nee-yah.14. Khadija. A unique Arabic girls’ name, Khadija is a historical moniker. She was the prophet Muhammad’s first wife, who mothered all but one of his children, and the first person to convert to Islam. The name is pronounced kha-DEE-jah.15. Naila. Another historical name, Naila was the brave wife of Uthman, the third caliph of the Muslims. Pronounced NA-ee-lah, the name means “attainer.”16. Rawiya. Pronounced RA-wee-yah, Rawiya is a unique Arabic girl name and has the beautiful meaning of “storyteller.”17. Rubab. If you’re looking for a truly rare Arabic girl name, you might like Rubab. It’s the Arabic word for a unique type of stringed musical instrument.18. Samara. A traditional Muslim girls’ name, Samara (also spelled Samar) comes with one of the most unusual meanings. Some believe it simply means “evening conversation,” but we love the Islamic interpretation of “one who converses under moonlight.”19. Shula. Pronounced SHOO-lah, this name is short and sweet, yet still unique. It simply means “flame” in Arabic.20. Zulaykha. Another Muslim girl name with a historical context, Zulaykha originates from the Arabic name Zuleika. She was the subject of numerous poems and tales by the Persian poet Jami. The name is pronounced zoo-LAY-keh.

Below you’ll find even more unique Arabic and Muslim girl names to keep the inspiration going!

Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Common and Modern Arabic Names for Girls

Although not among the most popular names for girls, the following Arabic girl names are common and modern monikers that might appeal to you. Many of these are Muslim girl names that you’ll find in Middle Eastern, North African, Asian, European, and North American countries.

43. Aisha. If you’re looking for common Islamic names for girls with strong meanings, consider this modern Arabic name. Pronounced A-ee-sha, it means “alive” and can also be spelled A’isha.44. Aminah. A very common Arabic name for girls, Aminah (also spelled Amina or Aamina) comes from a word that means “to feel safe, secure.” However, it’s also the feminine form of Amin, which means “trustworthy.”45. Anisa. As a fun, modern Arabic name for girls, Anisa has an upbeat sound that goes well with its sweet meaning. As the feminine form of Anis, it means “friendly” or “friend.”46. Dana. You’ll find the name Dana in many different countries, including those with populations that speak Arabic. In Persian, the name Dana means “wise.”47. Dina. Another common Arabic name for girls, Dina is simple in its sound and meaning. It means “religion.”48. Farah. As a beautiful Muslim girl name, Farah has a couple of different meanings. In Arabic, the name means “joy,” but other interpretations specify “happiness” as the meaning.49. Fatma. Fatma relates to popular name Fatima from above, one of the Islamic girls’ name from the Qu’ran. It’s pronounced FAHT-mah and also means “to abstain.”50. Iman. Meaning “faith,” Iman comes from the Arabic word amuna, which means “to be faithful.” This is a gender neutral name, though considered feminine in Arabic and masculine in Persian. The Somalian American supermodel Iman bears this name.51. Samira. Like the name Samara above, Samira has a similarly romantic meaning. Pronounced Sa-MEER-ah, it means “a companion in evening talk.”52. Yasmin. Yasmin might be the most common Arabic name for girls used in the Western world. Derived from Persian, the name means “jasmine” in Arabic and Hebrew. Of course, jasmine refers to the fragrant flower of the same name.

If you want to discover other common and modern Arabic names for girls, we’ve included a few more below. You may be familiar with celebrities and public figures who bear these names.

Powerful Arabic Girl Names

Does your baby girl need a strong, powerful name? Whether you’re looking for Muslim, Islamic, and/or Arabic monikers, these names for girls have mighty meanings.

73. Asma. A short female Arabic name, Asma is powerful and comes with a few different meanings. In Arabic, the name means “supreme,” though other interpretations add “sky,” “high,” and “exalted” to the mix.74. Basira. As the feminine form of Basir, this name means “wise” in Arabic. Basir is one of the 99 names for Allah, the Islamic god.75. Ikram. A unisex name, Ikram means “honor,” though its root word karuma means “to be generous.” You can also spell the name as Ikraam.76. Kubra. Kubra might be one of the strongest Arabic girl names, as it’s the feminine form of Akbar, which means “greater, greatest.” Akbar was a powerful Mughal ruler who’s known for expanding his empire into most of India in the sixteenth century.77. Mumtaz. As a historical name, Mumtaz was the wife of Shah Jahan, the emperor responsible for building the Taj Mahal as a tomb specifically for her. The name means “distinguished.”78.Nurul. The name Nurul has an interesting and powerful meaning. Compound Arabic names that start with Nur al (Nurul) mean “light of the” followed by the second part of the name. By simply using Nurul, you theoretically have the “light of” everything!79. Rashida. Meaning “rightly guided,” Rashida is the feminine form of Rashid, one of the 99 names for Allah, the Islamic god. In Arabic script, the name has either a long first or second vowel, so you can pronounce it as RA-shee-da or ra-SHEE-da. 80. Sultana. Another one of the more powerful Arabic girl names, Sultana is the feminine form of Sultan, which means “sultan.” Of course, a sultan can also mean “king” or “ruler” in Arabic. It’s pronounced sool-TAH-na.81.Taliba. Pronounced TA-lee-ba, this name is the feminine form of Talib, which means “seeker of knowledge” or “student.” Abu Talib is the uncle who raised the prophet Muhammad after his parents and grandparents died.82. Wafiya. Meaning “trustworthy,” “reliable,” “loyal,” and “perfect,” the name Wafiya might be the best Arabic girl’s name for your “perfect” little baby! It’s pronounced wa-FEE-yah.

Because we know that girls are powerful, keep the inspiration going with still more Arabic girl names and their strong meanings!

Pretty Arabic Girl Names

If you’re looking for Arabic girl names with pretty sounds and/or beautiful meanings, you certainly have quite a few options. The following names would be perfect for your pretty little baby girl.

104. Adila. Pronounced A-dee-lah, this pretty name also has a sweet meaning: “fair, honest,” and “just.”105. Amal. As far as beautiful Muslim girl names go, Amal is a favorite. It means “hope, aspiration.” You may recognize it as the name of Amal Clooney, a British-Lebanese barrister who specializes in human rights.106. Aziza. Not only is the name Aziza pretty, but it also has one of the most powerful meanings. As the feminine form of Aziz, it means “powerful,” “respected,” and “beloved” and is also one of the 99 names for Allah, the Islamic god. 107. Basma. Pronounced BAS-ma, this Muslim girls’ name sweetly means “smile” in Arabic.108. Fajr. Pronounced like the word fair, Fajr has a beautiful spelling, sound, and meaning. In Arabic, this female name means “dawn, beginning.”109. Halima. As the name of the prophet Muhammad’s foster mother, Halima is the feminine form of Halim, which means “patient,” “tolerant,” and “mild.”110. Munira. Munira is a beautiful Muslim girls’ name that means “bright, shining.” It’s pronounced moo-NEE-rah111. Nermin. From the Persian word narm, this Muslim girl name means “soft, gentle.” This unisex name is typically masculine in Bosnian and feminine in Turkish and Arabic.112. Shaima. Halima (above) was the prophet Muhammad’s foster mother, and Shaima (pronounced shie-MA) was Halima’s daughter. This name has the very sweet meaning of “beauty marks.”113. Zaahira. Meaning “to shine, radiant,” Zahira has two pronunciations: ZA-hee-rah or dha-HEE-rah.

Pretty names tend to suit baby girls. Here are more beautiful Arabic names with adorable and sweet meanings.

Discover more pretty names from other languages, such as Japanese girl names and Spanish girl names!

Cute Arabic Girl Names

Your baby girl will be as cute as a button, so perhaps she needs an Arabic name with a cute sound or meaning. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have plenty of adorable options.

134. Amani. The cute name Amani is a Muslim name for girls that means “wishes” in Arabic.135. Basima Pronounced BA-see-mah, and often spelled Basimah, this cute Muslim girls’ name sweetly means “always smiling.”136. Fikriyya. Along with a unique spelling, the name Fikriyya has a cute pronunciation and meaning. Pronounced feek-REE-yah, it means “to think, reflect.”137. Janan. Janan has possibly the cutest meaning of all! It means “heart, soul”—perfect for your new baby girl!138. Khalilah. As the feminine form of Khalil, this cute Arabic girls’ name means “friend.” But if you prefer to spell it Kalilah, it means “darling.” 139. Masuma. This cute name is pronounced ma-SOO-mah and means “innocent” in Arabic. 140. Na'ima. If you’re looking for a cute Arabic girl name that may influence your little one’s temperament, try Na’ima, which means “tranquil, happy” and “at ease.”141. Nawal. Among cute Islamic names for girls, this name means “gift” in Arabic. It’s common to pronounce Nawal as na-WAL.142. Shakira. If you’re thankful for your sweet new baby, maybe the cute name Shakira is in order, as it means “thankful” or “grateful.” Perhaps you recognize it as the name of the singer Shakira, who is of Lebanese and Colombian descent. 143. Uzma. Cute, short, and sweet, the name Uzma means “supreme, greatest” and is pronounced OODH-ma.Let’s keep the cuteness going with even more adorable Arabic baby girl names and their meanings.

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Short Arabic Female Names

Some parents prefer short baby names, and with Arabic, you have lots of options for short and sweet female names. Most of the names on our list are two syllables, but you’ll find a couple one-syllable girl names and the odd three-syllable name, too. Regardless of how these mini monikers sound, perhaps you’ll like one of them for a fun, snappy given name or nickname!

168. Aida. As a variant of the name Ayda, Aida (pronounced A-ee-dah) means “returning visitor” in Arabic. Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida features a titular character who, as an Ethiopian princess, was held captive in Egypt.169. Arij. Pronounced a-REEJ, this short Arabic girls’ name means “fragrance.” As a Muslim girls’ name, it’s commonly spelled Areej, just as it sounds.170. Dima. Often spelled Dema, Dima is a Muslim girls’ name with a romantic meaning, as the name means “drizzling rain” in Arabic. It’s pronounced DEE-mah.171. Hiba. Your baby girl is certainly a gift, which is the meaning of the Arabic name Hiba, pronounced HEE-bah.172. Isra. Isra is the perfect name for an imaginative little girl, as it means “nocturnal journey” or “to travel at night.” Perhaps your little Isra (pronounced ees-RA) will have adventurous dreams!173. Lulu. You can find the name Lulu as a nickname in many countries, including Germany, Romania, and Sweden. In Arabic, this Muslim girls’ name means “pearl.”174. Maha. The name Maha means “oryx” in Arabic, which is a type of wild deer. Many believe the oryx represents beauty.175. Rana. If you have the most beautiful baby girl (which you surely do), perhaps you’d like the Arabic name Rana. It means “attractive, eye-catching.”176. Ruba. In Arabic, Ruba simply means “green hills” and has the very cute pronunciation of ROO-bah.177. Suad. Suad is a variant of the more traditional spelling of Su’ad, an Islamic girl name that means “happiness, luck.” It’s pronounced soo-AD.

Believe it or not, there are even more short Arabic female names, all sporting beautiful, unique, or powerful meanings.

Long Arabic Baby Girl Names

Long baby names often evoke a sense of elegance. If you’re familiar with Arabic, then you know there are plenty of long names for women!

198. Ashraqat. Pronounced ash-ra-KAT, this Arabic female name means “brightness.”199. Fakhriyya. The feminine form of Fakhri, this name means “honorary” in Arabic. It looks harder to pronounce than it is! Fakhriyya is pronounced fahk-REE-ya.200. Jathibiyya. Meaning “charm” and “attractiveness,” this long Arabic girls’ name is pronounced ja-dhee-BEE-yah. There are two variant spellings, Gathbiyya and Gazbiyya, which have the same pronunciation.201. Mennatullah. The name Mennatullah is a powerful choice. It means “grace of Allah,” as in the Islamic god. It’s pronounced meh-na-TOO-lah.202. Ruqayyah. One of the daughters of the prophet Muhammad had this name. It has two possible meanings, either “rise, ascent” or “charm, incantation.” Ruqayyah is pronounced roo-KIE-yah.203. Sayyida. Meaning “lady” in Arabic, the girls’ name Sayyida is pronounced SIE-yee-dah.204. Shadiya. Shadiya is the feminine form of the name Shadi, which means “singer” in Arabic. It’s pronounced SHA-dee-yah.205. Shafaqat. Long names don’t always come with complicated meanings. Shafaqat, pronounced sha-FAH-kat, simply means “compassion.”206. Shahrazad. From the Persian elements that mean “free city,” this Arabic girls’ name is pronounced shah-ra-ZAD.207. Tabassum. Pronounced ta-BAS-oom, this long but sweet Arabic girls’ name means “smiling,” so it’s a good option for your smiley baby!

Some Arabic girl names sure love their syllables! Here are even more long names with pretty, unique, and powerful meanings.

Nature-Inspired Arabic Girl Names

Arabic girl names and their meanings often connect to nature. If you’re looking for nature baby names, you might like the following:

221. Arwa. If you like animals, the Arabic girls’ name Arwa possibly means “mountain goats,” though some Muslim interpretations go with the meaning “nice-looking.” 222. Badr. Meaning “full moon” in Arabic, the name Badr is a great option if you want your baby girl connected to the power of the moon cycles.223. Hadil. The soft “cooing of a pigeon” is quite a peaceful sound, which is what the name Hadil means. Sometimes spelled Hadeel, this Muslim girls’ name is pronounced ha-DEEL.224. Hala. For a romantic nature-themed moniker, consider the Muslim name Hala for your baby girl. It means “halo around the moon.”225. Marwa. Marwa (pronounced MAR-wa) is an Arabic name for a fragrant plant, which shares its name with one of Mecca’s sacred hills.226. Rawda. Meaning “meadow, garden” in Arabic, this girls’ name is pronounced as ROW-dah.227. Sahar. Pronounced SA-har, this name simply means “dawn” in Arabic, giving your little girl a refreshing moniker.228. Tasnim. In Arabic, this name means “a spring in paradise” and is pronounced tas-NEEM. As a Muslim girls’ name, it’s often spelled Tasneem, just as it sounds.229. Warda. Warda is the word for “rose” in Arabic, a borrowed word from an Iranian language. 230. Zahrah. Derived from an Arabic word of the same spelling, this girls’ name means “blooming flower.”

There are many more nature-inspired Arabic names for girls and women, so why not continue your search by considering the following monikers:

The Bottom Line

Finding the right name for your baby can be a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. We hope this list of Arabic girl names helps you narrow down your choices or at least provides a source of inspiration!If names from other languages pique your interest, consider the following:

  • French girl names

  • Hawaiian girl names

  • Italian girl names

  • Mexican baby names

Remember that whatever name you give your sweet new arrival is a personal choice, so go with your instincts and enjoy the process! In the meantime, stock up on diapers and wipes and get rewards with the Pampers Club App on all your purchases!

250 Pretty Arabic Girl Names and Meanings | Pampers (2024)


What is powerful girls name in Arabic? ›

Aziza is a strong choice among our Arabic girl names, meaning “powerful.” A common choice throughout the Middle East and Africa, Aziza is the female version of Aziz.

What is God's gift girl name in Arabic? ›

Hiba: Meaning “gift from God”. Jana: Meaning “gift from God”. Ruba: Meaning “gift from God”.

What is the best Arabic girl name with meaning? ›

3262 Arabic Baby Girl Names With Meanings
AaliyahGirlAscending; Highborn; Exalted
AishaGirlShe who lives; A lively woman
AmenaGirlTruthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest; Protection
AmiraGirlPrincess; Tree top; High born girl
105 more rows
Jul 25, 2023

What is the Arabic girl name for pure? ›

Nakia: Meaning “pure”.

What are rare Arabic girl names? ›

Pretty and Unique Arabic Baby Girl Names
  • Aabidah. One of the cutest Arabic names for girls from the Quran, Aabidah is a name perfect for your daughter if you are looking for a traditional and religious name. ...
  • Aasma. A classic Muslim name with a lovely meaning. ...
  • Adara. ...
  • Amira. ...
  • Anisah. ...
  • Basimah. ...
  • Badia. ...
  • Bayan.

What is female princess in Arabic? ›

Amira (also spelled Emira or Ameera) Amirah (Arabic: أميرة) (Hindi: अमीरा) (Hebrew: אֲמִירָה ) is an Arabic female given name, meaning "princess ", a Hindi name meaning “princess” or “high born girl,” (derived from Arabic) and a Hebrew female given name, meaning 'treetop' or 'saying'.

What is the Arabic name for miracle girl? ›

Ayah. According to many sources, Ayah means "sign from God," "evidence," or "miracle." The name is derived from the Arabic language, whereby Ayah means "verse in the Islamic Quran." This unique name for a girl has enjoyed popularity in France, Belgium, and Spain. It's current rank in the United States is #1,038.

What is the Arabic girl name for joy? ›

Farah. As a beautiful Muslim girl name, Farah has a couple of different meanings. In Arabic, the name means “joy,” but other interpretations specify “happiness” as the meaning.

What's the rarest girl name? ›

What Are The Rarest Names For Girls?
  1. Aella. Origin: Ancient Greek name. Meaning: “Whirlwind” or “tempest”
  2. Alohi. Origin: Hawaiian girl name. Meaning: “Shining” or “brilliant”
  3. Caitronia. Origin: Gaelic. ...
  4. Novalie. Origin: Latin. ...
  5. Ottiline. Origin: French and German girl name. ...
  6. Tamsyn. Origin: Cornish.

What is the luckiest girl name in Islam? ›

Arabic Girl Names » Means » Lucky
  • 331 Afja Lucky.
  • 1318 Hiza Lucky; Fortunate.
  • 5344 Jiya Peace of Heart; Sweet Heart; Life; …
  • 283 Rozy As a Rose; Lucky.
  • 78 Said Happy; Lucky.
  • 206 Suda Lady-like; Happy; Lucky.
  • 340 Zada Lucky One; Fortunate; Prosperous.
  • 837 Afrin Happiness; Praise; Lucky; Brave; …

What Arabic name means queen? ›

  • Origin: Arabic.
  • Meaning: Queen.
  • Alternative Spellings & Variations: Malikah.
  • Famous Namesakes: Malika Ayane, Italian singer; Malika Menard, Miss France 2010; Malika Oufkir, Moroccan writer.
  • Peak Popularity: The peak popularity of the name Malika was in 1996 when 183 girls were given the name.
Sep 30, 2022

What is the best Islamic female name? ›

Muslim Girl Names
21 more rows

What name is powerful in Arabic? ›

Aziz. In Arabic, Aziz takes on the meaning “strong” and “powerful.” Aziz is a really powerful name to bestow upon a baby boy. Aziz implies a sense of strength, might, and power in its Hebrew origin.

What is Allah's Favourite name? ›

Book 25, Number 5315: Ibn Umar reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The names dearest to Allah are 'Abdullah and 'Abd al-Rahman.

What Arabic girl name means prosperity? ›

The name Aamira originated from the Urdu language and means 'prosperous,' and 'full of life.'

What Arabic name means powerful? ›

In Arabic, Aziz takes on the meaning “strong” and “powerful.” Aziz is a really powerful name to bestow upon a baby boy.

What girl name means most powerful? ›

What is a warrior girl's name?
  • Keren: Meaning “power” or “strength”. ...
  • Matina: Meaning “strong” and “solid” in Greek.
  • Nalda: A beautiful and bright Spanish girl's name meaning “strong”.
  • Valentina: Meaning “strong” and “powerful” in Latin. ...
  • Valda: Meaning “powerful ruler” and “battle heroine or warrior”.
May 11, 2023

What is the female name for powerful? ›

Along with Audrey and Matilda, other girl names that mean brave, strong, or powerful in the US Top 500 include Gabriella, Valentina, and Valerie.

What girl name means all powerful? ›

Powerful Names for Girls
  • Adira: This pretty Hebrew name means “noble, powerful”
  • Allura: An Old French name, this means “power of attraction”
  • Aubrey: This Old German name means “elf, magical being, power”
  • Aza: A “powerful” unisex baby name of Arabic origin.
  • Brigitte: An Irish name, this means “strength, power”
Jan 31, 2022


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