10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (2024)

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Skillshare is one of the most popular online learning environments available today. Offering a wide range of intuitive, engaging, and powerful online training courses, Skillshare helps individuals expand their skills and knowledge in countless disciplines.

We reviewed some of the top courses and certifications to find the best Skillshare courses you can take right now to change careers or ensure you stand out in your current role.

Top 10 Skillshare Classes

  1. How to Organise Your Workflow to Maximise Productivity
  2. iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone
  3. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners
  4. Build a Highly Converting Shopify eCommerce Store in 90 Mins
  5. WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step
  6. Find Your Style: Five Exercises to Unlock Your Creative Identity
  7. How to Become a Graphic Designer – Complete Guide
  8. Basic Skills / Getting Started with Drawing

1. How to Organise Your Workflow to Maximise Productivity

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (1)

Ideal for students in any industry, this Skillshare course provides individuals with the insights they need to enhance their productivity and accomplish more in any role.

Suitable for students at all levels, the course includes 8 projects and 26 lessons, alongside a host of bonus resources. The course is created by Ali Abdaal, a famous YouTuber with 3.5M subscribers.

Why take this course?

This is one of the top Skillshare courses available for professionals hoping to improve their personal productivity. Focusing on the “Pilot, Plane, Engineer” analogy, the lessons guide students through the importance of “setting a course” for productivity, establishing goals, and organizing their time.

Students learn to use critical resources to improve their performance in any role. You’ll discover the benefits of scheduling, calendars, and to-do lists and interact with exclusive bonus downloadable resources.

There are behind-the-scenes guides to understanding and establishing goals, defining your vision and purpose for each project, and maintaining motivation.

This highly versatile course doesn’t require a focus on any specific industry, making it an ideal choice for students who want to enhance their productivity in work and everyday life.

Skills Gained

Throughout the 26 lessons in this course, equaling around 2 hours and 39 minutes of content, students will learn how to improve their overall productivity. You’ll discover how to hack motivation, overcome inertia, and achieve “flow” in your day-to-day work processes. There are also introductions to some common productivity methodologies, like the “Pomodoro technique”.

By the time you’re done learning, you should know how to:

  • Set relevant goals for each project using the right tools.
  • Leverage artificial deadlines and reduce distractions
  • Maintain digital productivity without compromising on health and wellbeing
  • Conduct reviews of productivity and find potential problem points
  • Use solutions like the Reitoff principle and the Pomodoro technique.

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2. iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (3)

Photography has become a highly sought-after skill in many parts of the business world. It’s a tool leveraged by influencers, marketing professionals, branding experts, and more.

In this Skillshare course for beginners, students will participate in 22 lessons designed to help them make the most of their iPhones when capturing professional images.

Why take this course?

This course is designed for beginners looking to improve the quality of the images they take with their smartphone camera. If you’re interested in leveraging photography for marketing or sales purposes without investing in professional equipment, this could be a useful course for you. You’ll learn to turn digital photography into a career and build your own portfolio.

The course specifically focuses on making the most of the existing assets you have on your iPhone to transform your photography strategy. You’ll learn about key photography concepts, such as HDR, live photos, grid management, and shot composition. There are also tips for using different kinds of light and framing in photography projects.

This course could be ideal for visually focused professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in social media marketing, influencer campaigns, or basic branding strategies.

Skills Gained

This 55-minute course includes all of the behind-the-scenes insights budding photographers need to make the most out of their iPhone technology. You’ll gain step-by-step insights into the rules of composition, like perspective, vantage points, and dead space.

Students can also learn how to tell stories with photography and utilize specific tools built into the iPhone, such as “long exposure”. There are also tips on using bonus software like Lightroom to optimize and enhance photos. Students will develop skills connected to the following:

  • Shot composition for more attractive images
  • Mastering iPhone camera settings to create depth and appeal
  • Storytelling in photography for marketing purposes
  • Using light properly to highlight subjects
  • Editing photos in Lightroom from your iPhone
  • Exploring different types of photography for unique purposes

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3. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (4)

One of the best Skillshare courses for beginners in the video landscape, this easy-to-follow educational resource will guide you through the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. Designed for beginners, this course supports students in building their own Premiere Pro projects from scratch.

You’ll learn how to edit your content and apply different strategies over a series of 19 lessons, or around 3 hours and 22 minutes of content.

Why take this course?

The Video Editing with Adobe Premiere course is ideal for content creators, marketers, and branding specialists investing in the power of video. Increasingly, video has become a crucial tool for not just advertising but also improving sales and brand awareness.

Throughout this beginner-friendly course, students will learn everything they need to know about building the right workspace for video content. The step-by-step instruction walks learners through the process of using one of the most popular video editing tools around. The course covers everything from custom animations in Lightroom, to speed ramping, color correction, and more.

This course is ideally suited for all kinds of professionals in the marketing and sales landscape. It could also help content creators to stand out on social media.

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Skills Gained

Throughout this leading Skillshare course, students will learn how to turn creative ideas into amazing content with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The regularly updated course covers all of the key features of the video editing software, from using the Toolbox, to organizing clips and leveraging basic visual effects. There are also tips on audio mixing, color correction, and transitions.

The lessons are scaled down to suit people with no prior knowledge of Adobe technology and require no background expertise. By the time you’re done learning, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Organize, manage, and complete a Premiere Pro project
  • Perform basic edits, arrange clips, and work with layers
  • Complete advanced edits using masks, blending, and toolbox features
  • Apply custom graphics, video, and audio effects to videos
  • Create custom templates using third-party templates
  • Export videos with the correct settings

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4. Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (5)

This Social Media Marketing course offers some of the best Skillshare classes to beginners in the social media landscape. The course focuses on finding ways to reach new audiences across channels, grow your following, and achieve phenomenal success.

Students learn how to make the most of their online presence and avoid potential pitfalls when creating content.

Why take this course?

With this Skillshare course, you can learn everything you need to know to improve your position within the social media landscape. Whether you’re planning on becoming a social media manager or marketer or you want to earn money as an influencer, this course can help.

Students will receive step-by-step guidance on creating the perfect profile and post for different social media channels. There’s a beginner’s insight into analytical tools on social media, hashtag dos and don’ts, and even tips for figuring out how often to post.

Content creators can discover how to not only attract new followers but also increase engagement, boost sales, and drive traffic from social media to websites, blogs, and online stores.

Alternative Courses

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Skills Gained

This course will teach students everything they need to know about building an audience on social media. There are tips on starting a social media presence from scratch, as well as developing the presence of an existing brand. Notably, this course includes insights relevant to virtually all social media platforms, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn primarily about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and access valuable tips on which tools and services to use along the way. By the time you’re done with the 11 lessons (equaling around 1 hour and 6 minutes of content), you’ll know how to:

  • Choose the right platform for your needs, and grow your followers
  • Craft an effective bio and create unique posts
  • Boost engagement across social media platforms
  • Use apps for editing images
  • Leverage hashtags effectively
  • Decode common social media analytics

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5. Build a Highly Converting Shopify eCommerce Store in 90 Mins

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (6)

One of the best Skillshare courses for new eCommerce store owners, this educational resource teaches beginners how to develop an effective Shopify store. Through a series of 10 lessons, equaling around 29 minutes of content, students will learn what it takes to create a store built to engage and convert customers in any industry rapidly.

No prior knowledge or coding expertise is required.

Why take this course?

For beginners in the eCommerce landscape, Shopify is one of the most powerful tools for building and optimizing an effective store. This course targets professionals without any prior knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, ensuring they have the ability to build their own store from scratch. The lessons walk users through the basic elements of starting a Shopify store.

You’ll learn about the foundations of “backend” eCommerce store set-up, with tips on checkout optimization, shipping, and taxes. There’s also a comprehensive guide to building the front end of your store with a focus on user experience.

This course could be ideal for entrepreneurs planning on launching their own Shopify store, or would-be Shopify developers. There are even tips on how to leverage a dropshipping business plan.

Alternative Courses

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Skills Gained

Throughout this course, students will learn everything they need to know about building a Shopify store from scratch. The lessons start with creating a Shopify account and include advice on how to properly leverage all of the back-end technical settings available.

In this fast-paced and engaging course, students will also learn how to import products directly to their Shopify store from dropshipping apps like Oberlo. Plus, there’s guidance on editing store navigation menus, and boosting UI/UX success. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the skills required to:

  • Create a Shopify account and set up shipping rates, taxes, and checkout tools
  • Install and source products from Oberlo to add directly to a store
  • Edit product information, pricing, and descriptions
  • Develop a high-converting front end for an eCommerce store
  • Edit store navigation menus and boost user experience
  • Connect a domain to a Shopify store

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6. WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (7)

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) solutions on the market today. For would-be website builders, content creators, and site owners, this WordPress Academy course is an excellent introduction to how to use the system. The comprehensive course includes 85 lessons, adding up to around 8 hours and 27 minutes of content.

Why take this course?

This is one of the top Skillshare courses available for anyone looking to build a career in the WordPress ecosystem. You can learn how to design websites and themes from scratch, as well as how to manage your new website. The comprehensive course begins with walking users through the basics of creating blog posts, adding pages to a site, and installing widgets and themes.

There are tips on how to customize a blog or website using sliders, header images, and customization tools. Through a series of projects, students will build their own WordPress store from scratch and even touch on the basics of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

This could be an ideal course for people who want to build unique websites either for their own purposes or on the behalf of another business.

Alternative Courses

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Skills Gained

Throughout this course, students will take part in 11 projects, designed to teach them everything they need to know about leveraging the power of WordPress. The course starts with a behind-the-scenes look at setting up WordPress websites, with MAMP installation, WordPress theme tips, and a comprehensive overview of the WordPress dashboard.

There are dedicated sections for designing a WordPress blog, creating unique blog posts, and managing permissions on WordPress sites. Plus, students can also learn how to develop a WordPress eCommerce store, with the use of add-ons and plugins. By the time you’re done learning, you’ll have the skills you need to:

  • Create a WordPress blog or eCommerce store from scratch
  • Improve the functionality of your site with customization
  • Leverage PHP basics for data types, strings, variables, and constants
  • Develop WordPress themes with templates and CSS
  • Create a multi-site environment on WordPress
  • Upload a site to a live server and manage functionality

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7. TikTok Marketing 101: Grow your brand & business

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (8)

Specially designed for influencers and social media marketers in the TikTok landscape, this course provides students with a convenient guide to succeeding on social channels. Throughout 32 lessons (Around 2 hours and 43 minutes of content), you’ll learn everything there is to know about one of the most popular social media channels available today.

Why take this course?

TikTok has become one of the most powerful tools around for social media marketers, growing brands, and influencers alike. However, it’s also an environment many people don’t fully understand. This beginner-friendly course show students how to leverage the TikTok platform, create their own account and manage social media algorithms.

If you want to start a career in the social media marketing or build on your existing knowledge, you can learn how to create viral content without professional equipment. There are tips on which content formats thrive best on TikTok, as well as how you can leverage influencer marketing to boost results.

For creators, there are also insights into how you can monetize your TikTok following and drive more value for your brand. There are even extra templates and checklists included with the videos.

Alternative Courses

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Skills Gained

As one of the top Skillshare courses for social media experts and beginners alike, this course will teach you everything you need to know about TikTok. The lessons help students to build skills associated with posting on TikTok and boosting engagement.

There are tips on the “For You” page and the TikTok algorithm, as well as a comprehensive app walkthrough, to help you understand how TikTok works. You’ll also learn how to create different content formats on TikTok and analyze the success of campaigns. By the time you’re done learning, you should have the skills needed to:

  • Find your target audience and optimize your TikTok content accordingly
  • Analyze potential content opportunities and discover new ideas
  • Film videos within TikTok and edit your content
  • Create your own content plan with hashtags and collaborations
  • Leverage the TikTok creator marketplace and TikTok ads
  • Enable cross-platform growth with other social channels

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8. Find Your Style: Five Exercises to Unlock Your Creative Identity

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (9)

The “Find Your Style” Skillshare course is intended for content creators, influencers, and business leaders. The accessible, step-by-step lessons cover everything beginners need to know about standing out in the digital world.

Throughout 13 lessons (an hour and 13 minutes of content), students will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the strategies they can use for content creation.

Why take this course?

Ideal for those investing in the “creator economy”, this Skillshare course combines exclusive research with an easy-to-follow instruction to help beginners find their style. The tips and guidance can help bloggers and influencers start their professional journey, as well as assist eCommerce store owners with figuring out where to start looking for opportunities.

The guidance on project creation and planning could be particularly useful to individuals in various industries connected to marketing and branding. Taking this course should give you the insights you need to start building better content, connecting with your target audience, and uncovering new digital opportunities.

Skills Gained

The skills taught in this Skillshare course focus primarily on content creation and innovation. You’ll begin with an introduction on how to find your style and what that means in the promotion, sales, and branding spaces. Throughout the lessons, there are also 5 exercises, designed to help you put the skills you learn into practice.

Students will discover what it means to unpack their identity, experiences, and influences to ensure ongoing productivity and motivation. There are tips for translating your “taste” into what you make, and guidance on experimenting with visual vocabulary. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to:

  • Understand your style and creative DNA
  • Find your own content creation patterns and methodologies
  • Create style guidelines for online consistency
  • Create and manage successful projects
  • Optimize creative work across every channel

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9. How to Become a Graphic Designer – Complete Guide

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (10)

This Skillshare course teaches beginners how to start a new career in graphic design. After an introduction to what the graphic design profession involves, students will gain access to a range of valuable resources to launch them into their new professional journey.

The course only includes 4 lessons, equating to around 25 minutes of content, but there are various additional resources available and around 73 projects to explore.

Why take this course?

If you’re interested in a career in graphic design but find the landscape a little overwhelming, this course could be the perfect solution. The quick guide walks you through the steps of becoming a professional graphic designer with a step-by-step learning plan.

The course lecturer answers any questions you might have, like whether you need to be good at drawing or particularly artistic to be a good designer. You’ll also learn about what kind of software and equipment you might need throughout your education.

Alternative Courses

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Skills Gained

This simple and straightforward course makes the concept of graphic design more accessible to beginners. You’ll get an insight into the best equipment graphic designers can use, and you’ll also learn how to save money by choosing more cost-effective software.

The complete course will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at the tasks professional graphic designers do every day. By the time you’re done learning, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Assess and choose the right graphic design profession
  • Find the right equipment and software for your career
  • Explore graphic design concepts and use them in your work
  • Choose the right kind of graphic design job (freelance, contract, etc)
  • Build your own graphic design resources

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10. Basic Skills / Getting Started with Drawing

10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (11)

Ideal for would-be artists, this is one of the best Skillshare courses around for enhancing your drawing and artistic skills. Throughout 11 lessons (4 hours and 21 minutes), students will cover all the basics of building their artistic talent, with step-by-step instructions. The course starts with the very basics of drawing, like using straight lines, circles, and ovals.

Why take this course?

Drawing skills can be extremely useful to a range of professionals. Whether you’re looking to become an architect, a graphic artist, or any other kind of visual creator, this could be the ideal course for you. The lessons are part of the comprehensive “The Art & Science of Drawing” series.

You’ll learn about the basic skills included in the drawing, so you can progress to working with 3D images, animation, shading, contours, and more. Each video lesson teaches a new essential drawing skill, and at the end of each lesson, you’ll practice your talents with a project.

Skills Gained

This course teaches students the basic skills used in all aspects of artistic creation and design. You’ll start with an insight into things like circles, ovals, and straight and curved lines. There are also tips on how to turn complex creations into simple lines and shapes.

Throughout each lesson, you’ll build your confidence in the artistic landscape and develop a portfolio of artistic pieces you can use for job opportunities. When you’re done, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Simplify shapes and add details to the drawing
  • Experiment with texture and detail
  • Use gestures and basic shapes in the creation
  • Leverage different drawing materials and tools
  • Analyze complex drawings and turn them into simple shapes

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Are Skillshare Courses Worth It?

Skillshare courses are ideal for beginners looking to start a new career or enhance their knowledge in a specific area. Skillshare courses are affordable, easy to follow, and broken down into simple chunks for beginners and advanced learners.

With over 12 million registered users, Skillshare has already identified itself as a powerful tool for online education.

Skillshare classes can give you behind-the-scenes insights into critical skills you can use throughout your career. These lessons even help you discover a new profession and build your ideal career from scratch.


To help you find the best online courses offered by Skillshare, we’ve looked at training programs prepared by experts and popular trainers. All chosen courses are highly rated by students and can help you build job-ready skills. We’ve been using Skillshare for years, and the overall learning experience offered to students is of top quality. The review was performed by an experienced trainer.

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10 Best Skillshare Courses Worth Taking (Reviews) (2024)


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